Weighted Bars

All Bars are with the same length and diameter 1235(L) x 32(D)mm Weight: 2kgs,4kgs,5kgs, and 6kgs PU end cap, printed steel bar
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Commercial customers have been looking for a body bar that can withstand the rigors of group training without sustaining damage, as most do over time. Many weighted body bars in the industry are covered with a black foam that reduces the manufacturing cost. Although it may feel good in your hands, that foam is extremely cheap – warping and tearing over time.

So MD Buddy has completely redesigned the aerobic training bar, creating one of the strongest on the market. First, it replaces that temporarily comfortable black foam with a durable, abrasion-resistant outer coating. Then it holds splintering in check via a hardened cap at the end of a bar that features even weight distribution and an energetic, appealing design. Each of the seven bars comes in its own standout colour, with its weight easily readable in both KGs and lbs.

  1. Abrasion resistant outer coating (unlike foam coated body bars)
  2. Hardened end cap to prevent splintering
  3. Eye catching design with clearly marked weighted increments
  4. Color coded casing to differentiate bar weight
  5. Available in a full range from 2kg, 3kg up to 6kg
  6. Equally distributed weight
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MaterialPU end cap, printed steel bar
Packaging100pcs/case, 138x58x68cm
Dimensions1235(L) x 32(D)mm
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